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Institutions and Applications in the Global Economy

In this book, Mr. Vassilis Taktikos Coordinator of National Greek Observatory examines three interrelated concepts, 'civil society', 'social economy' and ' participatory democracy' which in our time through a dialectical relationship, create a dynamic content of social change.

At the same time, it examines this relationship considering a new rising type of economy, the " third industrial revolution" that brings elusive deep upheavals unthinkable for other eras: the distributed knowledge, the distributed horizontally energy , the socialization of intellectual property through the internet and digital technology and computing.

Aftereffect of this revolution is the green growth, the possibility of direct digital democracy , "globalization from below" , the World Open school of knowledge.

Facing these new technological favorable conditions and opportunities, there is a negative consequence: The development of information of technology and robotics which reduces the workforce , given the fact that over the last twenty years most global jobs are decreasing in both the private and public sectors . Predictions for the future to these areas are even more bleak. The hopes are concentrated only in cooperative social economy sector where there is a steady increase of the creation of new jobs.

To these new data are required to adapt the political elite , mayors , civil society and our educational system . For this issue, is very important the catalytic role of the universality of civil society and the promotion of participatory democracy.

For the introduction of the book please press here

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